Memberships don’t just help support the site and content, they also benefit you!  Each level has a particular set of benefits, increasing with each level.

The basic level start with patches and stickers from the various events we’ve attended or designs we like (and think you will like too).  The second level opens the prize pool up to include hats and shirts and other wearable swag.  The third level enters you to win gift cards at a variety of retailers that sell gear to help with your build.  The final level enters you into a bimonthly giveaway for parts and components.  As the membership base builds, so will the value of the prizes —- it is our way of giving back to the community.

In addition to the periodic giveaways, you will also earn a special patch for your continued support.  Once you have reached each dollar amount, you will receive the corresponding patch.

  • $24 – Light Patch
  • $48 – Dark Patch
  • $96 – Secret Patch

The “Light Patch” is our standard logo patch in a light color.  The “Dark” is the same patch but in a dark color way. The “Secret Patch” is, well, secret.  And limited —- only a few will be produced and they will changed as the stock depletes.  When you hit any of the above levels, simply contact us and we will get it shipped out to you!

Level 1 - Passenger
$1 / Month
Early/Exclusive access to content
Automatically entered in monthly giveaways for minor swag (stickers, patches, etc.)
Our undying gratitude!
Level 2 - Driver
$2 / Month
All previous level benefits
Automatically entered in monthly giveaways for better swag (hats, t-shirts, etc)
Our undying gratitude!
Level 3 - Tail Gunner
$5 / Month
All previous level benefits
Automatically entered into monthly giveaways for gift cards to help with your build
Our undying gratitude!